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Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome to 'Shy & Wild tickling'

You know, when you see a shy girl, and you just wonder, what would it be like to make her reveal her true un-inhibited nature to animalistically react to tickle torture, and you just wonder, who would she really be then? Well, that's half of what drives my tickle equation.

The other half is, imagine you meet a wild girl who loves having the attention on her. You just know she's ticklish. She might go along with it if she were tickled, or she might fight to stop it because she likes being in control. But as wild as she is, what would it be like to take her beyond her limits with tickling, would she become submissive, or would she be an even greater freak?
Yeah, yeah, I know, good questions. Well, here, in this place, we look at the result to try and find the answers.
So tell me what you think about these kinds of ticklish situations.
James Darke


sampson said...

I love that pretty black girl named alise de sade...I have to buy that dvd of you tickle her hogtied....she is so lucky dog!

sampson said...

I love jame drake videos! I think he makes the best tickling his black models...beautyful..when i go out to club are strip bar.. i've been known to give a pretty girl two are three hundrend a tickle session,
keep up the good work
mr drake

Julia Moniquè said...

Aaaaw I love tickling :D it`s as awesome as Bondage-Forced-Orgasms Magic Massager :D